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Why to Choose Kasr El-Salam Company

Our policy depends on Quality system

Kasr el salam is the first real estate company in Egypt to be certified (ISO 9001-2008) . this is due to the concord of the company’s quality control system with the global quality standards.               kasr el salam applies the latest in scientific research in the fields of development and scientific innovations.

By caring to little detail that great creations could be achieved…

We firmly believe that the main reason for our excellence is that our company subjects each material and product to a series of experiments and only through these testings that a specific guarantee could be given. This expresses our commitment to the applications of strict standards in choosing our materials in accordance to their endurance and firmness.

Kasr el salam and customer service

We are constantly working to provide the best after sale service to our customers,because we believe that delivering high quality products is far more rewarding than paid advertising and we achieve this goal through: Providing a service which exceeds the customers expectations after purchase and after the delivery of the residential units.

Kasr el salam and the united nation organization:

Our corporation with the international companies in the fields of elevators and generators, to offer whatever new in the field of construction

and more...

We have chosen the german institution TUV because it is the largest institution which grants ISO certificates in the world. It is a non-for-profit establishment, which started in 1872 and it has considerable monitoring activities in Germany and the EU. It has a wide scientific experience and international reputation in the field of quality as well.

in addition, kasr el salam is the first to work on the application and activation of six sigma applications.

Kasr el salam is a pioneer in the development and the application of the latest scientific  systems in the field of construction as well as keeping us with scientific experiments and innovations to provide our customers with elegance and sophistication.

The principles that we apply with our customers and our community are greatly supported by the UN. Our company CEO has sighned UN GLOBAL COMPACT with the UN sponsored by UN- secretary –general ban ki-moon. Kasr el salam is a leading company in customers and community service one of the main reasons why we have adopted the activation of the UN’s document, which is divided into several parts:

1-Human rights.
2-Work ethics (equality,ending discriminations & forced labor).
3-The environment ( face challenges and develop technology).
4-Fighting corruption ( bribery ,blackmail and money laundry).

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